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Tank Maintenance and Equipment Servicing

Fuel analysis has become a very important part of all maintenance and purchasing functions.  The cost of diesel fuel, while expensive, is small when compared to the cost of equipment problems that may develop without the proper handling, storage and distribution.

The early detection of contaminates by fuel analysis, such as water, sludge and microorganisms will eliminate many fuel-related problems.  Santmyer Oil, in conjunction with Schaeffer's Fuel Dr. Program, can help you develop a proactive fuel and tank maintenance program to guard against tank and equipment failures.  

Santmyer Oil will take a sample from your tank and send to a lab to test for micro-organisms, fungus contamination, water in parts per million, and Cetane Index via a rigorous fuel analysis. Once the source of a potential contamination is diagnosed, we can offer the appropriate Schaeffer product to offer an immediate treatment.

Santmyer Oil understands fuel is an expensive part of your operation, but tank and equipment failure can be even more so. Properly maintain your tank and equipment with the Santmyer Oil tank maintenance program and fuel analysis. Call 800-686-4589 or contact us for more information and to start your service today.
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