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Your Preferred Supplier for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Propane

From RVs and vehicles to gas grills to forklifts to 100-lb. industrial cylinders, Santmyer Propane offers a propane cylinder exchange program that keeps your uptime high and your costs low. Santmyer's propane is sourced from only the purest high-quality HD-5 propane, ensuring more-consistent performance, no matter what your end-use application.

Our propane services include a refilling station located in Wooster, Ohio, which is designed with your convenience in mind. RVs and other vehicles can pull right up for dispensing with no tedious backing up or turning around. Santmyer Propane provides a hassle-free filling experience and gets you back on your way quickly.

Cylinder Exchange Program
Our cylinder exchange program for gas grill and forklift cylinders is designed to give customers more for their money. Unlike most gas grill exchanges that only offer 16.5-pound cylinders, Santmyer Propane supplies 17-pound cylinders for added value.

If you already have a propane cage at your facility, inquire about our propane services program. We'll also provide a propane cage and replace empty cylinders based upon your usage. Or use our convenient ZIP code locator to find a cylinder exchange cage near you. With 15 locations, and more on the way, Santmyer Propane can meet all your propane needs.

About HD-5 Propane
HD-5 grade propane is the most widely sold and distributed grade of propane in the U.S. market. HD-5 is the highest-grade propane available to consumers in the United States. What does HD-5 propane mean in terms of specification to an ordinary consumer? It means that the propane is suitable and recommended for engine fuel use, which was the original purpose of the HD5 grade propane specification.

HD-5 propane consists of:
  • A minimum of 90% propane
  • A maximum of 5% propylene - propylene is used in the manufacture of plastics
  • Other gases constitute the remainder (iso-butane, butane, methane, etc.)
Santmyer's propane services extend the exceptional customer service its petroleum customers have come to expect to its propane customers. For more information on Santmyer Propane, call us 330-262-6501 or contact us.

Our Foundation and Mission
Providing excellent customer service is the foundation of Santmyer Oil, and is still our way of operating today. While technology has certainly changed the way we operate our business, it hasn't changed the people who serve you.

Santmyer Oil's mission is to ensure we're always on call to meet every customer demand for fuel, safely and reliably. We've lived that mission here in Ohio since 1952. Learn how Santmyer remains on-call to service your on-demand needs. Call 800-686-4589 or contact us for more information.

In addition to propane services, Santmyer Oil also provides branded fuel programs, wholesale fuels, fuel transportation, lubricants, home, farm and commercial services, and commercial fuel management. Discover the on-call, on-demand service of Santmyer Oil today.
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